Hello, visitor. The Jenkins-Peabody web presence welcomes you.

One look at our luxurious international headquarters, pictured above,

is enough to tell you that Jenkins-Peabody means bidness!

And just to prove the point, we want to tell you about our LATEST RELEASE! Yes, after years of inertia, we've come out of our cabana to tell you

about our new album, "Taking America to America." Take a look at this:

Jenkins-Peabody world headquarters

Stand back! It's the first CD by that young up-and-coming late-blooming child prodigy, Tom Hensley! Why now, why this? Who cares--it's fun. Read all about it by clicking on the cover. Or, if you crave something a bit different, on one of the covers below.

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We’ve uploaded a VIDEO of “Dear PBI” for your amusement and education. Click here to see it!Dear_PBI.html