Names and players of the numbers:

Sonia Sanchez—flute

Celeste Moreno—oboe, fiddle

Yoshiko Yeto—clarinet

Danny McGough—President organ

Jim Goulden—vibraphone

George Woods—electric guitar, trumpet

Max Ferguson—acoustic guitar, mandolin, banjo

Dean Opseth—acoustic guitar, mandolin, ukelele

Tim Hensley—accordion, vocals

Sheri Ozeki—bass, copyist

Joe Berardi—drums

Danny Frankel—drums

Craig Levitz—drums

Sheryl Farber, Lisa Jenio, Ilene Markell

background vocals


    From the artist formerly known as Victor Banana, sort of, an album you can actually purchase, sort of! His previous albums are now out of print (sold out, actually--and he has asked that no further copies be manufactured).

    Those of you lucky enough to have purchased copies of Like A Velvet Glove Cast in Iron or Split, the earlier works by this distinctive artist, may now consider yourselves to be the owners of genuine collectors' items, for whatever that's worth.

    Refrains  is an impressive followup to his earlier works, with an enlarged instrumentation wrapped in some unique arrangements by the performer.

    Oh, and when the remaining copies of this album are gone, no more will be pressed. The artist formerly known as Victor Banana will have completed his retirement from the musical marketplace.

The Songs...

Butterscotch Sunday

Pinocchio's Woodpecker

Onions Make Me Weep

Teen Hobo

Niagara Falls


Little Match Girl

From Sick With Love

I Wanna Be A Dummy

My Sister

I'd Get Lost

Acrid March

Peace, It's a Gasser

Conformity, I Love You

My Shoulder

He Was a Judge

Who's a Chameleon

Too Bad It's a Fallen World


Aloha Baby