The Joy Circuit’s “A Crystal Clear Christmas” (the album’s original, rather annoying title) was recorded in 1987 and released on the Modern Art label. When that label mercifully folded, the rights reverted to the group, and thus to Jenkins-Peabody.

    Joy (Circuit) to the World, as it was renamed, was the first nationally-released sequencer-to-CD album, a method considered a bit radical for its time, but commonplace today—for better or worse.

    Historical considerations aside, it's a quite jolly album of fresh takes on seasonal material and seasonal takes on fresh material, and the many who've acquired it over the years tell us that it remains their favorite holiday party soundtrack.

    A few years later, the joyous and circuitous trio followed up their holiday effort with an album of all-original music, which still sounds as out-of-the-moment as when it was recorded.

    Musical preferences be damned, they tossed together every style imaginable in putting together this concoction. The enclosed booklet relates some kind of mumbo-jumbo story about a poodle groomer in the desert or somesuch, but it's not to be taken very seriously. Warning: this recording may cause you to want to operate an automobile.