25 years in the making ("That's the Way the Money Go" was written in 1979), this album features a raft of Diamondville's celebrities, expressing themselves in song about their somewhat atypical way of life. "Taking America to America" is mostly derived from articles appearing in the Arch Angel Post-Bugle Intelligencer, Diamondville's show-day newsletter, and features many of the band members in a melange of music written by Tom Hensley, massively aided by keyboard co-worker Alan Lindgren and Bernie Becker who mixed the results into a pleasurable state.

Guest cameos include Linda Press, King Errisson, Julia Waters, Hadley Hockensmith, Doug Rhone (oops, Doug's cousin Bubba), Larry Williams, Larry Klimas, The Catgut Grrls and the Horndogz. If you want a souvenir of the legendary Neil Diamond 2001-2002 world tour, buy a copy of "Stages." But if you want a momento of what went on in the scenes behind the scenes behind the scenes, add "Taking America to America" to your collection.

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